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About Trek 2000 Corporation

Trek 2000 Corporation is a family business that was formed in 1986, when Gord and Maureen Haddock brought The Body Shop® franchise to Saskatchewan. Prior to this, Gord and Maureen had owned several businesses, both franchise and independent. They gained experience with music supply stores, entertainment booking agencies, drug stores, stereo shops, food services, and land development.

The Body Shop® experience was unique in that entrepreneurial thinking was encouraged within the franchise limits, and, for twenty years, Trek 2000 Corporation pioneered ideas here in Saskatchewan. The Body Shop at Home, a home party concept was one such project. The Haddocks, also, developed and tested products such as the popular Saskatoon Berry Pie range.

During their two decades with The Body Shop, Gord and Maureen also owned, for a few years, the Saskatoon franchise for Roots Canada and partnered in a souvenir company. They became partners in the development of The Belly Button Buddies™, which led them to develop an entertainment division, still in existence today. Towards the end of their time with The Body Shop they brought lululemon athletica® to Saskatoon.

In April of 2006, Trek 2000 Corporation sold The Body Shop stores. In the summer of 2010, Trek sold their lululemon store back to corporate lululemon athletica®, and said farewell to retail, after decades in the field. Gord and Maureen continue to be involved in entertainment and publishing, and the development of land and buildings.

Gord and Maureen are passionate about the entrepreneurial way of life. For years, they have given a scholarship to an entrepreneurial student in the College of Commerce. More recently, Maureen and Gordon have set up a scholarship in Education. They enjoy supporting young people with interests similar to their own. They believe the best way to make the world a better place is to help people develop to their full potential.