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The Haddocks and the Edwards School of Business feel optimistic about the future of entrepreneurship in Saskatchewan. The fifth crop of young entrepreneurs (kids 7 to 18) to enter the Get a Bigger Wagon Young Entrepreneur Awards (GABWYEA) exhibited various interests and business styles. This young entrepreneur competition launched during the Edwards School of Business's 100th-anniversary celebrations in September 2018. Gord and Maureen Haddock arranged for an Even Bigger Wagon to be featured at the event.  

Three of the four 2019 award recipients were second-time applicants. They had fine-tuned or reinvented their businesses with remarkable success. Gord Haddock said, "It was great to hear one young man reveal that he created a new business after listening to Duane Smith speak about dealerships." Duane was the 2019 presenter in the annual Haddock Entrepreneurial Speaker Series (HESS). Maureen says, "It is wonderful to see young people show such resilience, determination, and perseverance." The Get a Bigger Wagon philosophy is about never giving up. 

The 2020 competition was noteworthy because two of the three winning female-operated companies were in the agricultural sector that year. This was also the first year for a new category for business owners aged 15 to 18.  

The judges were delighted to receive applications from as far away as Consul Saskatchewan. We hope to see entries from all corners of the province. Maureen Haddock said, "This is our fifth year for the competition, and I mark the towns represented by our applicants onto a provincial map." 

In 2020 we added an award for business clubs, classrooms, or associations to honour individuals who work with youngsters to develop a business. These people "sail the entrepreneur... ship." The cash prize goes to their young business group. Roadways Literacy Studio took home the inaugural award, and their entrepreneurship program helps teach personal financial literacy, math skills, and communication skills.  

Everyone is welcome to attend the combined Haddock Entrepreneurial Speaker Series HESS and GABWYEA ceremony. The event celebrates entrepreneurship with guests of all ages. Usually held the second week of January at Edwards School of Business, pandemic challenges made a virtual event essential in 2021. We were pleased to celebrate our 2022 Young Entrepreneurs in person in January of 2023 with a capacity crowd and many watching the live stream. Videos of the annual presentations can be viewed at Get a Bigger Wagon. 

Please share the competition information with the young businesspeople in your life; the competition opens on September 1st each year and is for young people with an operational business. Please get in touch with for application forms.

A seven-page article in the 2023 spring issue of Prairies North, the magazine for Saskatchewan, explains the evolution of the HESS (2007) to the GABWYEA (2018), and now the Haddocks and Edwards School of Business offer an Explore Entrepreneurship Camp each summer for youth aged 9 to 14. The exciting thing about this new initiative is that campers sometimes enter the GABWYEA with their new businesses. As young entrepreneurs from all over the province visit the U of S, we are excited to see past applicants in the halls at the Edwards School of Business each fall. These young businesspeople will contribute so much to our futures here and worldwide.