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November 2016:

Trek 2000 Corporation was once in partnership with Big Centre TV station, which became known as Made in Birmingham. During this time, we had a local company called TVTruck. Our partner in this venture, Rob Wurzer, passed away on November 4, 2016. Everyone will miss Rob. The company is no longer operating.  

Maureen was interviewed by Monica Price of Cuppa TV in September 2015 while visiting Birmingham, and Monica hopes to visit Canada to work with TVTruck on some Canadian content interviews. Monica covered a fantastic amount of content in a brief time! Maureen shares this interview with anyone interested in the book, Get a Bigger Wagon.   

Historical Post from 2014:

Trek 2000 Corporation has recently invested in the formation of Big Centre TV in Birmingham, England, along with their good friend and long-time business partner Mike Prince and two other investors. 

Maureen and Gord Haddock, along with good friend and business partner Rob Wurzer, were delighted to visit Big Centre TV in September of 2015.